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You can preform this manuver when and only when, a male has pulled a stunt or prank so antagonising, you want him to feel the effect.

I wouldn't suggest doing this from behind! You could end up with your head up his ass insted of hitting the original targeted area. This is only when the male has gone to far and is in serious need of splitting nuggets.

First: You get a running start.
Second: Go for the summersalt roll. i.e. drop and roll it low (most people expect an upper hit to the face or chest in a forwarded momentum attack)
Third: Upper-cut the shit out of his balls of sarcasms (If you preform the manuver just right, he'll fall to his dominant side, either left/right). While he's going down, show him just what a good defensive tackle is made of and flip that fucker over your shoulder.
Fourth: And this is the most important part, While he's breathlessly trying to scream obsinity's at you, and or, askng you, "why the. . . did you do that?" (They all think there actions don't effect people when being obnoxious) Simply explain that, you were teaching him just how it fels for a woman to have such an oversized trying to be a douche shoved up her wazooaus and maybe, just maybe, he'll think twice before trying to ever punt at a knowledge+able woman!
<Guy stands to tell her what he thinks>
B: Hey, you know you're a...
<Before he gets to follow-up those character discriptions, he's already being given the buisness>
K: Oh sweety,. . . does that hurt? We call that the Taint Tackle! Utilised by the best.
B: Low blow!
K: Deservant!
B: <Takes his left foot and *wham,* right to her box>
K: <feels that one, rolling to her side>
Awww, what thaaa, why man? Whyyyyyyyy?
B: Now, was that a good idea?
K: Bwahahahah <*laughing*> I don't know! Was it good for you?
B: <*mild chuckles*> Hurts like hell!
K: You're telling me something I already understand completely!
B: I, I, I ah I,.... sh*t!
K: I know man, me too!
by 4SeriousManITH November 11, 2012
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