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This involves building a large pile of faeces, over a period of months, keeping it stored in a cool, dry place to esnure maximum conservation. One should then invite their partner over for a 'romantic dinner'. Following this, an invitation to Moris Dance. Whilst dancing force them into the cupboard and rub their face in the excrement. Then lock the cupboard, and proceed to ejaculate on the door handle, mixing it with superglue. Then proceed to sing the swedish national anthem until she can get out of the cupboard. Upon exiting her hand will become glued to the door handle, and mixed with the giz. Then shit on her feet and invite a swedish man over to regail her with a tale of the old country of sweden.
Last night I gave some girl with one leg The Swedish Moris Dance. She called the police and I'm facing 3 years in jail.
by Justice Crime February 01, 2007
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