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The Star Alliance is an internet drama forum where people pretend to be active, but people mostly just hang out and talk about the good old days. Regulars as of last season were Joseph Stalin Grandson Ben (played by Magic) he's an asshole who punches people over the internet in violent disagreements. People on the receiving end of these are usually Xaran Failamas(played by himself), Some Whiny Australian(played by Melda) and ProfessionalChildMolester(played by himself). Other regulars include BilltheEmu(played by himself) who steals peoples pies, Lenny the Jannitor(played by Iskatumesk), Pope Wibod the 69th(played by himself), a drunken Australian Robot(played by Taeradun) and Drumsof "holyshitguyslookatthispornIfound" War(played by himself).
An example of a typical season at The Star Alliance.

ProfessionalChildMolestor- "You just hate me because I'm religous!!!!!"
Ben- "Wrong, I hate you because you're a faggot!" *PCM is launched into orbit by a GIANT BLACK COCK*
by Pope Wibod the 69th June 14, 2007
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