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A wonderful Grindxcore from band from Ocala Florida with some comedic lyrics consisting of Justin Garcia on lead vocals, Joe The Mofo on bass, Calder on drums, Ashley Callahan on the guitar, and last but not least James on guitar. Their biggest influence is Anal Cunt. They have had many band member changes in the past but The Snazzy Gentlemen are built to destroy and will never stop snazzing it up.They are in the process of making a cd. Check out TSG's myspace
Songs include,
Fuck MSI
Civil Theory Sucks Dick
GBANKSM(Don't two step if you're fat)
Impaled Northern Moonforest
You suffer(ND Cover)
Trivium Blows Ass
Edward Penis Hands
Punk Song
The Ipod Song
The Kitana Episode
Philips Head Deathdriver Kicks Ass
The Playground Of Satan
Dem Hoes Love da Grindxcore
Carbomb(The Acacia Strain cover)
And many many more.
Matthew(TSG's biggest fan)- The Snazzy Gentlemen kick ass and everyone loves them.
Katy- Hell yes! I think Justin is the sexiest!!! I wanna fuck him so bad!!!!!

by jonesy wee wee July 12, 2006
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