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A spin-off of The Sims 2, except this one has modes (what the hell?) and an actual plot. Well, two plots.

The first plot is about this crackhead who lives with her aunt and tries to get laid with some dude she thinks is sooo hot. But hes engaged and she already had sex with another guy.

The second plot is about some guy who can't figure out Weither or not some girls actually love him for him or his money.
Nobody cares about the sims life stories, but here goes nothing...

Hey everybody, my name is Riley Harlow! Yesterday, I had sex with a guy who isn't even my boyfriend. And today, Im going to try to have sex with another guy, who is actually supposed to get married to another girl! I lost 5 jobs, and I am living with my auntie because I got evicted and I can't live with my parents because they disowned me. Oh well....
by Anna Lynn Sanders August 17, 2010
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