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arguably the sexiest group of human beings ever assembled into one Facebook group in the history of mankind. consisting of the turtle, t-rex, panther, nematode, robot, antelope, kitten, cobra, and recent addition the eagle, The Sex Team walks the halls of RFH scouting for the finest alcohol, tobacco and narcotics, as well as chicks who pack (#skoaljobs). we also go so unbelievably HAM on the weekends. basically, the sexiest of all time.
Sex t-rex: hey guys we should all get f***ed up for the lsu-'bama game

KB Surfer: Star said I can have some people over
t-rex: ew you hick, go make out with your cousin. you're not even a member of The Sex Team
Timmy then laughs uncoltrolably at the insult, as all nearby tables stare at The Sex Team in secret envy
by Sex turtle December 30, 2011
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