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The ring two is a movie made by the people who made the ring 1....or is it. IT was a bad movie with no scary parts in it, it did have funny face in it hto, uno wen the guy was like raped by the little devil girl. it was pointless. the only bad word in the movie was fuck, one time. And unfortunately the only time the audience laughed was at the end wen the mom disowned the child whore posessed girl.
"What movie "dont" you want to see tommorow?"

"Well i hate the movie robots, and all those other gay animated movies but the ring two looks perfectly unscary not to see.."

"well what are we waiting for...lets go not see it!""
by Kacerg March 25, 2005
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One of the shittiest moves of all time. The ring 2 was fucking crap people. Samara looked like a fucking man and it generally had a shit story line. There is no scarey parts at all, not even one. There are times when you can tell they've tried to make it a bit scarey, but failed miserably. I saw it once, and believe me once is enough. I would rather lick glass out of my anus than see that again.
do NOT see the ring 2!!!
by Fanni March 04, 2006
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