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The Reierson is a multiplayer drinking game.

Main Game:
A Deck of Cards is mixed up and spread out in the center of the table. One player volunteers to go first. This player challanges another player at random. This is simply called a "Challange". Both those players pick a card from the center and flip it. Whoever has a card of lower value must drink. That same person then goes on to "Challange" another player at random and the same rules apply.

The cards that were flipped are NOT placed back into the main pile. This continues on until all the cards have been flipped. When all the cards from the center are gone everyone sitting at the table must drink. Then mix up the cards again and continue on.

If at anytime two players in a "Challange" happen to flip cards with the same value they both drink and then they flip for a second time until the cards have different values. Again the person with the lower card drinks.

If a joker is flipped everyone at the table except for the person who flipped the card drinks.

Side Salad Challange:
At any time during the game any player may "Side Salad Challange" another player. The two players can not be in another "Challange" at the time that the "Side Salad Challenge" is called. One player must yell out "I Side Salad Challange (Challanged Players Name)". They then proceed to have a single round with regular "Challenge" rules. However in this event the losing player of the card flip does not challenge another player.
An Example of a Side Salad Challange call in The Reierson would be, "I Side Salad Challange Daniel!!!"
by Mosswa October 18, 2010
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