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This audience is meant for anybody who has ever attended the United States Military Academy. The plebe 9 are 9 radtastic plebes who just wanted to have a good time drinking and posted some rad pictures on facebook. These plebes we turned in and court martialed accordingly. They all recieved the max punishment of 100 hours of walking tours. These plabes represent what officer should be, men who aren't afraid of risk and are willing to protect thier brothers in arms for the unity of the United States Army. The plebe 9 are West Point Hero's
Cadet McGowan: Yo dude I have seen a bad case like this since the legend of the Plebe 9. Its hard to believe people have still not gotten the message not to turn your brothers in arms for stupid shit.

Cadet Heffsuro-dahlong: Yea dude , you gotta look out for your classmates , I mean you are all that we have got.!!
by Number 1: McGuiness April 11, 2011
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