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*After the Manatee Effect or the Mermaid Theory*


There are 9 rules:

Rule 1 - DO NOT tell anyone who you like, except for your best friend, or someone you can really trust with a secret.

Rule 2 - DO NOT bring up your past. Don't say stuff like you got depressed after you got rejected, and DO NOT give the reason about why you got rejected.

Rule 3 - You absolutely DO NOT want to get friend-zoned, but don't be afraid to friend-zone her or him. You shouldn't be a total nice-guy, but do not go out of control and star acting rude and cocky.

Rule 4 - If she/he goes on any means of public transportation that you also use, DO NOT sit beside her or him for at least a week or until you are comfortable enough. It will get super awkward, super fast.

Rule 5 - You gotta be relaxed and chill. You can't be tensed or nervous. If you are nervous, you tend to not be able to say something, so in other words, you choke. MAN UP.

Rule 6 - Talk with each other. Find something you both have in common and make that into a conversation.

Rule 7 - If you are really desperate, go on Wiki How and find conversation starters.

Rule 8 - If you are not confident enough and need help, find someone who you can trust, someone who will not develop feelings towards your crush, and ask them to be your third wheel.

Rule 9 - This ties in with the "Bro Code" DO NOT fall for one of your friends exes. Don't compete with any of your friends unless you have a way better chance than they do.
"Yo I really like that chick over there"
"Ight Bro. Keep the Owl Theory in in tho"
by MKO LIVE August 09, 2016
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