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(one must have a great urge to shit before pulling this off)... ....
the oda may brown begins with one person telling another they can read palms....the other person foolishly agrees to have thier palm read.. The person reading the other persons palms tells him or her to sit and close thier eyes with thier hands out. Since the persons hands are about even to the palm readers waiste the palm reader is able to quikly squeeze out a dookie (poop,shit) onto the hands of the victim..... This is some serious shit....

Note: Oda May Brown is a fortune teller in the movie ghost.. She is played by whoopie goldberg
Tommy: damn bro, last night was wild
joey: what happened?
tommy: i told kathy i could read palms and when she closed her eyes i gave her the oda may brown.
joey: niceee!
by j.a February 21, 2008
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