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the prolonged after-effects of watching this romance movie 'The Notebook'.

Symptoms inlcude:

Feeling mushy and sappy

Believing that, men are romantic and compassionate and will give their lives for their women. Men do not posses these abilities or thoughts. They are not thinking about you and your feelings constantly.

Longing and looking for an ever-loving, deovted guy like the Notebook's lover dude 'Noah', that would barely or rarely exist, and staying miserably heart-broken over not finding such kind!
Girl (sobbingly) : Will you love me like the guy in Notebook?

Boy: Damn! You've got 'The Notebook Syndrome'
Just Get Over it! =/

Girl1: I'm extremely worried about my friend's state of mind. she cant think of anything else other than finding the unreal and non-existent love in her life!
Girl2: Shit happens! She having the Notebook Syndrome, she should better Get a Life!
by orchidz89 September 08, 2010
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