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A sacred ritual performed by an abnormally large naked man with a towel and a pudgy man with a torn ACL. The large naked man waves his towel in front of the pudgy man. The pudgy man uses all the strength left in his ACL to charge the unclothed matador. The matador eventually defeats the bull and screams and shakes his penis for all to see to signify a victory over the bull. The ritual is to be performed only on a Thursday and is said to provide the Amarillo High School football team with a victory. The act can only be complete if the person playing the matador and the person playing the bull have the same size of football pants. The ritual does not work for playoff games and can be counteracted by a Jew Spell.
Philip dropped his pants to reveal his penis so that he could defeat Dalton in a battle to the death. Dalton charged Philip with all his strength his little ACL could put out, but he was no match for the Naked Matador.
by Homothug45 October 27, 2011
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