Karson is the most amazing girlfriend this world has ever seen! She is perfect in every way and everyone loves being around her because she's so amazing! There is nothing that would ever make me not love her as much as I do! She is so beautiful and she has no flaws whatsoever! I didn't know anyone could be made so perfectly as she is! She may be out of my league, but whatever I'll do whatever I need to keep her. That is how amazing she is, I'll do anything for her because she is so beautiful and makes me the happiest person ever! She is my favorite person to see and talk to! I love her more than anything else in this world! I love her so much!
Goddamn is that Karson she looks like a Goddess like always because she is so beautiful!!!! I'm so glad she's my girlfriend because she is the most amazing girlfriend ever.
by Karson'sbf October 29, 2019