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The Mimic Looking Willing (to pay) Card Drop or as it is better known MLWCardDrop is a confidence trick in which the swindler is out with one or more people at a restaurant or bar and offers to pick up the tab. He then gives the staff at the establishment a credit/debit card that he knows to be demagnetized, broken, or generally void. When the staff member brings the void card back the swindler acts as though he had no idea and the victim(s) are so taken by his initial generosity that he/they pick up the tab instead, thus providing free drinks and or food to the swindler.
I was at the Saloon with my friend and he successfully executed The MLWCardDrop on me. What a fucking shady con artist bastard, I hate getting bamboozled.
by ComeAndSitOnUncleSeansLap July 27, 2011
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