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A male co-worker who walks around with his chest curiously "all puffed out" while trying to talk to as many female co-workers as possible before returning to his work area. Also, a male who has unrealistic romantic obsessive thoughts about other female co-workers who he has no chance of dating. Commonly performs "breakroom reconnaissance" whereby scouting the work lunchroom to ascertain what other females might be present for the purpose of small talk, flirting and discussing "dates" that likely never happened.
Did you see how the Lord Wilikes was talking to that new girl in Histo last night? He must have been at her bench for at least 10 minutes begging her to go mudding or the Dairy Bell!

I noticed the Lord Wilikes doing breakroom reconnaissance last night, I think he was looking for some redhead girl that works in gen lab.
by The longswordman July 31, 2013
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