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The first zelda game for the nintendo switch, it has gotten 10/10's on more than 10 websites, though it does have flaws, much like the ending, it is a universally acclaimed game.

Its open world allows you to defeat the final boss with nothing but a sword, that means no pants or shirt if you so please.

It is considered the greatest zelda game in all of nintendo's history, seconded to only ocarina of time.
It does have a counterpart though, that being Horizon zero - out of ten - dawn, the similarities are that they are both open world games, have bows and robots, but thats where the similarities end.
Hey dude! Wanna play that new The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? I heard its awesome!
Pffft, that overhyped trash, its like a downscaled version of horizon zero dawn!
Dude, horizon has no similarities to breath of the wild, plus this one has 10/10's on everything
Says the nintendo fanboy!
get out.
by Tom_memegod April 10, 2017
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A pretentious, massively hyped and yet largely underwhelming action adventure video game, the latest in Nintendo’s long running franchise and the first for their new cheaply made (though overpriced) Switch console.

Basically Skyrim set in Hyrule, Breath of the Wild adopts many pre-existing concepts such as an open world and day-night cycle, but has yet somehow managed to be labelled as the best ever in many circles. The game may run at up to 30 FPS (providing onscreen action is kept to a minimum).

As with most other titles in the series, the media have gone absolutely nuts for it, with perfect review scores being unconscionably dished out as if they were giving away free penny sweets to the homeless.

The Nintendrones meanwhile, as expected, have rallied the troops and taken to the internet in full force, policing any forums which may so much have hinted at criticism toward their new darling and certain Game of the Year recipient.
Nintendrone: You really have to think for yourself playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the game is just so revolutionary it’s unreal.

Knowledgeable gamer: You mean like Phantasy Star from 1987?

Nintendrone: Silence (indicating a likely lack of understanding).
by Slimemon March 23, 2017
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