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From the movie "Jumanji" the last animal to run through in the stampede scene was a rhinocerous. Thus "The Last Rhino" is the slowest moving animal in a mixed herd. In any group of girls there is always a vulnerable target, she is "The Last Rhino".

When looking for women at the bar it is helpful to identify "The Last Rhino" in every group. Then you can strategically hit on them if closing time is drawing near and your hunting has been plagued by failure and or cockblockers. The herd will usually sacrafice its "Last Rhino" to save themselves.

Not necessarily indicative of size or appearance. Last Rhinos aren't always fat or unattractive, even in a group of hott chicks there is an easy target, she is "The Last Rhino"
Hey look at that group of girls, the one on the far left she's "The Last Rhino."

Gentlemen, last night was a success, The Last Rhino never saw me coming.
by Alan Parrish February 22, 2010
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