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A lesbian forum that despite what previous definitions claim, is NOT a bi message board.
In fact, the site revolves around bislut-bashing, along with the thrashing of the following groups: butches, lesbians who've been with men, men, gay men, transsexuals, straight women, asexuals, pansexuals, black girls, Asian girls, fat girls, ugly girls and Americans.

L Chat hates anyone and everyone (but worships Kathy Belge the lesbian expert), and attracts all the mentally unsound Berthas and Elizabeths, as well as trolls from Israel, Croatia and etc. Forum gets spammed with porn on a regular basis.
Rich, thin and attractive femme4femme goldstar lesbians are also worshipped, but maybe that's because everyone there is one.
Hilarious threads are created from time to time. Posters like going on Tinychat, Omegle and Flockdraw a lot.

The rest of the forum discusses straight women with teen fangirls desperately hoping that the whole of female Hollywood is gay. TV show threads seem be the most sane parts of the great forum.

It's impossible not to become addicted to the L Chat once you scratch the surface of it.
I was googling hasbians and when I clicked on the thread link, I was appalled by the things posted on there. Been hooked on the L Chat ever since.

L Chat is considered the shithole of the LGBT galaxy and is by far the bitchiest site on the internet. Stalkers, mouthbreathers and psychos run rampant, generally not a safe place.

L Chat is home to the trainwreck lesbians.
by TheLChat December 08, 2013
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The vile and filthy septic tank where the worst elements of the lesbian community congregate and behave like cyber cunts. Its existence benefits the rest of the lesbian community by attracting trolls, antisocial personalities and mouthbreathers, thereby segregating them from the rest of the lesbian population in a virtual holding pen.
Reading The L Chat will melt your brain and make you celibate.

The L Chat is like 4chan for lesbians, except The L Chat is neither clever nor influential and its members appear to have more testosterone.
by iwearvondouche July 08, 2010
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An un-PC/anti-Afterellen lesbian and bi message board filled with general fuckery. A place for people to unleash their inner "Bertha" (A fat party pooper, most likely butch) or "Elizabeth" (A pretty but extremely nervous and prude person). This is the place to be a cyber cunt.

The L Chat is the evil spawn of the popular site "L anonymous". It was created shortly after Lez.Admin's (the mod of L Anonymous) 22nd mental meltdown by a group of rogue Rohanites (Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson fangirls). It is now infamous for torturing small time lesbian vloggers.
"OMG someone is threatening to shut down The L Chat again with their magical powers"
"Go f*cking kill yourself you fat butch"
"Lemons bb, lemons!"
"Whatev. I'm shaking and crying right now"
"Get off the internet Elizabeth"
"Change your underwear first, Bertha"
by Friendsrocks04 September 02, 2009
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