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A unsavory entity that lives in the Lenexa, Kansas area, a suburb south of Kansas City, Kansas and lurks around mainstream retail businesses such as Radio Shack, Office Depot or even Sears with the title of Store Manager or Assistant Store Manager. It stands 5'7", pudgy, as pale white as the undriven snow, and its bald head makes a excellent visual for the term DICK HEAD. This truly gruesome being must be avoided at all costs and if its looks alone don't overwhelm you with shear terror and misery the squawking of extreme BS that devastates the ear drums of those that stand within a 55-60 foot radius. This Creepy fellow also has a sister figure and mother and father figures, all resembling troll like creatures. The sister figure is also in the same line of work but that is another story altogether...
Guy: Did that creepy bastard just hit on you?
Girl: Ya, he hit on me and like 8 other girls in this very isle with the same cheesy pickup line. He said he was the Store Manager..
Guy:.. OMG! I think that was The Kovel Creeper! WTF!!!
by The Amazonian Prodigy November 11, 2009
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