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The act of turning a woman upside down, torching her pubes, and then fucking her with an ice-dildo in order to put out the flames.

This act takes some preperation. The woman must let her pubic hair grow to a considerable length. The act is as follows: The man turns the woman on her head, propping her feet against the wall. He then lights her pubic hair on fire. To set the fire out, he must fuck her with an ice dildo. The melting of the ice, with the water then flowing down her will subsequently quench the flames (due to her being upside down). AKA The Sherlock Holmes, only when the fire is started outside using sunlight and a magnifying glass.
Jane, John's girlfriend, surprised him on his birthday with a delicious Duck dinner. At the end of the meal, she dropped her pants and fulfilled his greatest fantasy by presenting him with her over-grown pubic hair and quickly demanding that he use the candle from the dinner to perform upon her the Honduran Torch.
by Mason W. April 30, 2006
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