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The Hacker's Code is an affirmation of life itself, life that wants to know, and grow, and extend itself.
Hackers are threatening because they live like spies, appearing to play by the rules but given secret sanction to break them. Sanction comes not from a central government, however, but from the facts of paradigm change, hierarchical restructuring, and exponential change itself. The evolution of a single global economy mandates that every business behave as if it's an independent country. Every enterprise must manage its proprietary data and master the craft of intelligence and disinformation. Information is currency, and those who know how to get it and integrate it into meaningful patterns are the new Masters of the Universe.
The Hackers Code :

The skills of hackers -- a love of adventure and risk, a toleration of ambiguity, an ability to synthesize meaning from disparate sources, a commitment to knowledge -- are skills needed in the next century. Hackers are the pathfinders of the wilderness called the future toward which the tao is flowing like a river, flowing and branching fractal-like, flowing in the tracks of hackers. (c) Richard Thieme 1997
by BrotherWLLraseyrD;) December 09, 2009
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