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The strange sensation one may feel when an object, person, or concept they hadn't considered for a very long time suddenly crops up at several moments in the same day, or across a very brief period of time.

It often gives the impression that one is being 'followed around' by the entity in question, and several philosophical debates have been raised as to whether the frequency of the sightings is increased as a result of a universal anomaly, or simply the fact that being re-exposed to the object makes one more susceptible to perceive it in daily life.

Named for the first recorded instance, involving Gwen Stefani.
"Oh my gosh, it's The Gwen Stefani Effect. I hadn't thought about Silverchair for so many years, but I just heard them on the radio and my friends mentioned them at school today! Am I being followed?"
by Chrisyntax March 19, 2016
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