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The god and defender of the Shave Ice Babies, that hunts down and brutally destroys their enemies.

The Great Dick in the Sky is summoned by a slow and low toned "ooooohhhh" sound.

There is no escape from The Great Dick in the Sky, not even fleeing to Mexico can save you. When it is called upon to destroy you; there is absolutely nothing you or anyone else can do to save you.
The Little Cinnamon Bun (From Dr. Tran) got very upset for no disearnable reason and then ran into a little Shave Ice Baby and killed it. So the other Shave Ices summoned the Great Dick in the Sky to hunt him down, and it injured him pretty good but he managed to run to Mexico where he thought he was safe, so he ordered a cerveza (beer) and then it came out of the sky and violently destroyed him.
by The Super Ninja November 12, 2009
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