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The act of which a female called the "Pole" (fully shaven and naked) covers herself it grease or oil, then doing a head stand puts her legs in a pike position, while a male called the "Blade" (also fully shaven and naked) covers himself in grease then inserts himself inside the "Pole's" vagina, then forms himself in a planking position, two other people called "Twerlers" (doesn't matter male or female) then sit on both sides of the figure that the "Pole" and the " blade" have made and spin the "Blade" in a counter-clockwise direction as fast as they can, sort of like a windmill. It is said so be pleasure full experience for the whole family.
Guy 1: Hey, Bill wanted us to come to his house tonight.
Guy 2: He probably wanted us to be the "Twerlers" in The Greasy Windmill.
Guy 1: Lets Do It!!
by K-antelope December 01, 2015
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