The girls are complete tryhards and care VERY VERY much about what other people think and they're usually very bratty/bitchy. If you hurt one of their feelings then basically she will try EVERYTHING to try to ruin your life and make their friends all hate you. Also whenever the post on Instagram, they just HAVE to tag their boyfriends on their boobs or lips or ass, like REALLY!?!?!They love to show off their bodies and come in crop tops to school often and wear very tight stuff and they just ABSOLUTELY HAVE to buy clothes and shoes in the latest trend. Just like the guys, some of the girls (a lot more than guys) have matured into beautiful ladies and a new thing has started where some guys (a lot more than girls) in the class of 2023 have started dating the girls in the class of 2024 for this reason. But like these guys are usually stupid and kinda pedophiles because they usually have the mindset that the girls in class of 2024 are “thicker” than the girls of class of 2023. These guys will currently start high school while their girlfriends are still in middle school so like…. REALLY!!?!?? The guys don’t see how bratty and bitchy these girls actually are since they have no classes together and these girls will leave the guy for someone they think is better in a second and then when the guy leaves THEM or the girl gets BORED and then she’ll get lonely and want to get back with her ex and so on, but whatever… they’ll figure it out sooner or later.
Jacob: Why the hell did she leave me?
Chris: She thinks she found someone better.
Jacob: Fuck the girls in the Class of 2024. I'm never dating a 12 year old again.
Chris: LMFAO, WAIT she's 12 and you're 14... wow...
by HOTTIEEEEEEEE July 30, 2019