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The Furry Jalapeno, widely known to sexual dare devils everywhere, is both an act of love and self sacrifice. The act itself is quite simple. You must first shave your pubes completely and neatly collect them. Then prior to coitus during the allotted condom prep time you must dip your penis in a jar of jalapeño juice. After you get a good soak you then sprinkle the saved pubes liberally making sure to coat the entire penis. This creates an interesting coat of spicy juices and a furry texture. It's really an avant garde procedure mixing both sex and art. Use caution as sprinkling pubes on your penis can be dangerous.
Tommy: Baby I can't wait to explore my creative sexuality with you when I stuff you with the Furry Jalapeño!
Lauren: Why does it smell like Jalapeños? Why is your dick covered in pubes? -muffled screams-
by Asidewayseight February 02, 2017
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