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n. -the way that a person can wear a heinous piece of clothing, but only if it is from a popular brand, i.e. Free People. If said ugly piece of clothing is from a "lame" brand, i.e. Aéropostale the garment in question is instantly recognized as the abomination it truly is.
clothing snob: Wow that's an interesting shirt...

aeropostale fan: Oh thanks, it's from my fave store, Aeropostale.

clothing snob: Ewww people still shop there? That shirt is so ugly I just vurped.

aeropostale fan: Did I say Aeropostale? I mean Free People!

clothing snob: Oh really? I was just kidding. It's so cute! Can I borrow it?

bystander: Wow, talk about the Free People Affect...!
by Wicked Stepmom October 06, 2013
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