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Also known as the F.G.C. An underground fighting force of ginger people that are bent on world domination and the stopping of ginger discrimination. Will rise to full power in the year 2054 and take over America after destroying all non-gingers, except hundred thousands of females in order to spawn more gingers. Soon turn and destroy China, as the Chinese are immune to the ginger gene and are unable to reproduce ginger children. Later they will rule the Earth by 3012.
Guy 1: Dude we need to be nice to gingers from now on.
Guy 2: Why? They don't have souls.
Guy 1: Because the fighting ginger coalition will rule the world one day.
Guy 2: You're fucking high, dumbass
Guy 1: Sooo, what does that have to do with anything
by DefenderoftheFaith January 06, 2011
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