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The doner kebab theory is a theoretical framework for modelling problems from the asymmetrical warefare and more specifically islamic terrorists' behavior. As a main proponent of the theory is rumoured the bulgarian Prime Minister Mr. Boyko Borisov.

The doner kebab theory postulates that the chance of a terrorist attack is negatively correlated with the number of doner kebab houses in a certain state, city or neighbourhood. First, the theory supports the idea that the most owners of doner kebab houses are muslims. Second, it is supposed that terrorist wouldn't risk the chance of hurting a fellow muslim. Hence, wherever there is a doner house, the risk for a islamic terrorist attack is almost pactically non-existent. Thus the promotion of doner kebab houses throughout the whole state could help minimize the risk of a malicious terrorist attack from evil islamic forces.

One of the main advantages of the theory is its simple premises that are derived from basic human emotions as not hurting someone from the own group. Also, the theory gives a very straightforward practical solution to cope with problems of international terrorism and its logic can be easily grasped even by laics.
On the negative side the theory lacks empirical evidence that support it's main theoretical propositions. More research could - but must/should not necessarly - be done in the next decades.
- Hey, man, I am really scared that the terrorist are going to blow us up in the air next time we visit the mall.
- No worries, there is a doner kebab house right inside the mall. The doner kebab theory says we are safe.
- Oh, that's great. Let's go!
by choko.i.boko July 29, 2012
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