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A group of Youtubers which come together to create videos

Chilled Chaos/CriousGamers - Very deceptive, and a floozy, plays tons of variety games.
ZeRoyalViking - Chilled's bitch, and science nerd, does some indies to major titles.
GaLmHD/Sondoman - Great at most games like FPS, story driven games, salty at Mario Kart.
tehsmarty/Smarticus - The chilled out derp of the group, also impulse decisions.
TomFawkes - Supreme god at Mario Kart. Good at voice acting, and playthroughs
AphexArcade - Competitive player, he has his shit macro'd, and is also the shortest.
Person 1: Did you see The Derp Crew's new session of Uno!
Person 2: Yeah, it's also ironic that Aphex didn't get any green cards.
by Fakkutian January 20, 2017
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A group of the most epic YouTube friends who occasionally get together to create YouTube gaming series'. The Derp Crew consists of:
ChilledChaos (aka CriousGamers) - The Most Epic One;
EatMyDiction - The Bear;
TehSmarty - The one who sits in the corner;
GalmHD (aka Sondoman) - This one is just cool;
DruoxTheShredder - He has cool hair;
Riorach - The psycho seriously.
I'll include these too:
Utorak007 - The most awesome laid back guy ever who has a cool 'How to fry an egg' video. (No frying eggs included)
ZeRoyalViking - Chilled's bitch....but seriously he is pretty epic too.
Person 1: The Derp Crew are the greatest friends to have ever lived.
Person 2: Yeah, TehSmarty is awesome!
Person 1: Disgusted *Slaps Person 2* Team Chilled, Team Chilled, TEAM CHILLED!!
by MasterWarrior May 27, 2012
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