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A medium sized public school located in the small northern Oregon town of The Dalles (presumably the same 'Dalles' as found in the title of the school itself). Since 2010, it has adopted the 'credit by proficiency' grading system because it's students are too retarded for traditional grading systems. Amazingly, despite the dumbed down grading, only 60% of students receive their diplomas on time. Jocks are generally looked down upon, popularity instead being bestowed upon the stoners/hipsters who rather than doing anything with their lives will most likely spend the rest of their days thinking they are better than everyone else for some reason they can't ever explain. Solipsism runs deep in the hallowed halls of TDWHS. The teachers of TDWHS were once great, but have since been given up on the depressing stoner/hipster crowd they have been given the herculean task of teaching. Many spend their days eyes glazed over as some up-and-coming (read: shit terrible) music reverberates through the rotting interior of the forsaken school. Others have ironically conformed to the hipsters. The students of TDWHS are a prime example of anti-intellectualism, devolution, political ignorance, and basically everything that is wrong with human beings.
Haha I'm actually happy to be a graduate of The Dalles Wahtonka High School. I just like making fun of all the people from my school, because most of them genuinely aren't cool.
by VladimirTheHammer December 02, 2013
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