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A curse that affects those who Blog on Tumblr. They stay on Tumblr, refreshing their dashboard in hopes of another post, until early morning hours. But when they finally go to bed, they are plagued with the thought of what their Night Blogging Tumblr Friends would be posting. They will not be able to sleep because of these thoughts and will wake up as sleep deprived zombies, but this is cured by another dose of Tumblr, which starts the cycle again.
Non-Tumblogger: Holy Shit, what happened to you?
Tumblogger: Need... Tumblr...
Non Tumblogger: DUDE WAKE UP
Tumblogger: Can't... Need... Tumblr... Dashboard... Night blogging... posts... funny...

Non-Tumblogger: WAKE UP
Non-Tumblogger 2: Leave him be, it's The Curse of the Tumblogger. He'll be fine once he gets on the computer.
by sanchow March 27, 2013
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