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The Man, Myth, and Legend wrapped in one;
The life of the party;

You are not him but you'll always want to be;
The guy your girlfriend just bought a drink for and you still can't hate;
The one jealousy was made for;
The man who just out drank your dignity (and you dormed in a frat house);
On January 25th The Crowd Pleasa kicked in the door. Bartenders everywhere comforted their bottles of Jameson.

"Yo I'm bout to chug this bottle"
"Who do you think you are, The Crowd Pleasa?"

Signs that you just missed a Crowd Pleasa incident:
1- All concious bodies filled with intense emotion(eg. fear, joy, wonder).
2- Blood splatter
3- Shards of glass or metal
4- Grown men crying
5- Scent of Jameson lingering in the air
6- You are still alive
7- Miscellaneous discrepancies (eg. smoking speakers, exhausted bartenders, people beginning each sentence with, "With all due respect to The Crowd Pleasa...", SWAT teams at local library).
by OMalley'sOMalley'sO'Malley's February 09, 2010
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