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A popular internet channel which was originally intended to expose the stupidity in modern culture & make fun of all the stupid people out there who deserve it.

Since then it has become a stronghold for the very scum they claim to be fighting against.
It has become a complete hive for Internet trolls, Cyber-bullies, Anti-bronies, & Keyboard Warriors.

All they do is make fun of Bronies now. & while there are indeed many mentally disturbed bronies who are an embarrassment to their fandom, The Cringe Channel uses them to portray all people who watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as that, instead of acknowledging that people like Cloppers really are just a few bad apples.
The Cringe Channel is cringeworthy itself & has completely butchered the word "cringe"

"I used to like the Cringe Channel & laugh at the idiots they exposed but now all they do is talk shit about bronies. Not just the weird ones, but all of them. I like MLP but Im not a damn clopper. Fuck the Cringe Channel!"

The Cringe Channel is to Anti-Bronies what Equestria Daily is to Bronies.
by SlashinatorZ December 16, 2014
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