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The Common Shan may reside in jungles, forests, on the streets, in cardboard boxes and in large apartment style buildings. Is often defensive of its territory and will claw, bite, scratch, choke, impregnate and in rare cases hit its prey with foam weapons to defend itself. Its clothing often lacks color and during mating season it will dawn grey clothing to attract a mate. The male Common Shan is often large and has long hair, typically in a pony tail. While the female is small and aggressive. Young Common Shans often have the appearance of a young Korean boy and make loud complaining noises.
1) Man! I just saw a Common Shan, you can tell by the lack of color in its clothing.

2) Did you see the Common Shan being dominated by its mate.

3) I saw a Common Shan in the grocery store the other day, it was purchasing Korean tooth paste.
by Marla Stephen April 04, 2011
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