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The Cold Painting War is being defined as a state of geopolitical tension, after the introduction of Pissimism as an artistic movement. , between powers in the Western Bloc (the Shitonsnow Unition) under the command of Christina KonopHollyshitherlastnameissofuckinglong and powers in the Eastern Bloc (the Pissonsnow Union) Under the command of B.M Yacine who has an Algerian origins. Painting by shit on the west while painting by piss on the east, the two camps established the cold painting war. Why cold you ask ? Neah it is not like the cold war, but because it was snowing and that is cold.
Example 1 : What is the cold painting War ?

It is a war between two idiots, one shit on snow, while the other pisses on it.

Example 2 :-Mom! check out what I've drawn with my piss on the snow.

- Oh! Good work son! you'll be the next B.m Yacine and start a new movement of Post-Pissimism.
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by Pissimism September 02, 2018
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by Peach_emoji December 13, 2020
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