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A game you play with your friends where you have to guess the number of chocolate faces you will see in a day or a period of time.


You must choose the number of chocolate faces at the start of the game. Once you have chosen you cannot change the amount you choose.

All members of the game have to be present when a chocolate face is seen for the chocolate face to count.

You can't count the same one twice.

They have to be Genuine Chocolate faces, not Asians, half casts or other ethnicities.

When you see a Chocolate face walking down the street whilst eating fried chicken you win the day automatically.

When you see a chocolate face wearing a black suit, a hat and white trainers - you get 15 points.

Scoring system:
The Chocolate face game spans for a month, for every day you win you get 3 points, a draw 1 point and no points if you lose (obviously)

Once the month is finished whoever has the lowest points has to buy a hot chocolate and pour it over his face (once cooled obviously)

Useful Terms/tips:
Black Jack; A group of 11 Chocolate Faces

When playing this game in public instead of using the term "Chocolate face" please use "Genuine" in case you cause offence.

Do not play in London, It's pointless.

NOTE: You can also play this with a newspaper when it's raining and the chocolate faces don't come out.
The chocolate face game provides hours of fun for friends and family alike.

"Why did your mate tipped his drink on his face?"

"He lost the Chocolate Face Game"
by NotRacist,Funny July 08, 2014
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