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A Japanese Visual kei gothic band.

Jack Spooky(vocals)
Peggy Giggles(bass)
Kiddy Skeleton(guitar)


Zull(guitar)(left in may of '07)

The Candy Spooky theater(TCST) formed in Feb.'07. Jack and Peggy had been in the band Dororo before they created TCST. The band says they were inspired by bands such as X-Japan, and movies of Tim Burton, Like The Nightmare Before Christmas.
They are a gothic, halloween styled VK band, like cute and scary mixed together. They can be so gross and scary that they're awesome.

Living Dead Spooky Doll's Family in the Rockin' Cilds Spook Show Baby!(2007)

Pumpkins Scream in the Dead of Night Parade(2004)

The Bedroom(2006.7.5)
Prince of Darkness(2007.10.1)

and Mikkai( a Sweet Secret Meeting)(#2 Murder Factory in the Closet)(2006.5.6)

They have performed in Europe, and Recently the US. They were featured in the German magazine Orcus, issues #03 and #04 of April and March '07.

A neat(but kinda gross) video from them is their PV of Exosist.
Me: Do you like The Candy Spooky Theater's style?

My friend: No, they are too scary!
by Sidni37 September 01, 2008
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