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When you are at a party or gathering of some type and upon arrival you notice the girls aren't good looking. Then after a prolonged period of time at the party or gathering, your standards at that party fall and the least ugly chicks start looking good.

Can also be when you are at a gathering with not that many girls there and just because there's not that many chicks at the party, the ones there start looking good when normally they're not that great or grenades.

Came from a visit to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk where most of the girls there are fat and ghetto. After a few hours there your standards fall and they start looking good.
*at a party*
Bro 1 (11:00pm)- Man this party is kinda wack, the chicks here are not fine.
Bro 2 (11:00pm)- Yeah I feel you man, whatever its early i'm sure it will get better.

Bro 1 (12:30am)- Dude some of these chicks are starting to look good...
Bro 2 (12:30am)- Yeah I know, we need to get the hell out of here, its the Boardwalk Effect.
by ChicoStateTG June 14, 2011
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