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The only counter to The Mastermind Rule. Comes from the awesomeness that is banana fire (some retard puts on a banana suit and covers himself in rubbing alcohol and sets himself alight, guess what happens next... google it and try not to laugh too hard.)

Should an offered activity take a higher preference than the current activity, one should invoke The Banana Fire Rule. Comes from the fact that watching banana fire is probably the best thing you can do, if it wasn't, you'd invoke The Mastermind Rule.
Miles: Aww man if only I hadn't invoked the mastermind rule and kept on playing Final Fantasy VII when asked if I wanted to play some Tekken Tag! Wait a minute, I think it's time to invoke The Banana Fire Rule!
Everyone: Yes! Tekken formulae go!
by Burger King Diamond September 22, 2011
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