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The BS Law of Numbers- short for Barreras Spliff Law of numbers, is a simple solution to the question that baffles us all; In a group setting, how many spliffs should one roll in relation to how many people there are? Mathematically inducted through strenuous calculation and testing in 2010, A. Barreras found that you take x/2 amount of people and roll y amount of Spliffs/Joints. So in short x/2=y*.

*If there is a .5, just round up/down according to how stingy you want to be with your weed.

*****The remainder rule can apply if there is a special occasion. Just roll an extra and magically pull it out when everyone thinks there is no more.
A: Dude, there are 11 of us, how many spliffs should I roll?
E: Just use the BS Law of numbers, so thats 5.5 spliffs.

A: Fuck it I'll just roll 6 cause I DGAF like a pro.
by Captain DGAF May 12, 2010
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