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This game was influenced by the song " My favorite things" from the Sound of Music, due to the random, cute and happy thoughts depicted in the piece. Like the song, the game also compels each person to say their own creation of random and blissful thoughts. Typically, this game can be played between couples, close friends, family or to even "break the ice." There are no limits to any thought, as long as that thought brings you to your happy place. Nobody wins. It is typically for you and the other player's personal gain to feel better.
How to play:
1. Think of 3 random like-able thoughts. They have to be in short words/phrases and completely unrelated.
2. Say it to your partner(s) and alternate.
3. The game naturally ends, but you may play it as long as you like.
Let's play The "I Like" game
" I like... random his, holiday sweaters and cute texts."
" I like... beer, good-vibes, and fitted hats."
" I like.. nebulas, night rides, and breakfast for dinner."
" I like you more than..."
by BrianWilson'sBeard December 08, 2011
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