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A topic oft-times argued leading to great debate in the rap/hip hop community. The two most debated (by those not so familiar with hip hop) are Tupac and Biggie. When even Biggie admitted that he wasn't "the illest", giving that title to R.A. The Rugged Man. Many critics feel that Kool G Rap has the most solid combination of a great discography with near-unmatched lyricism.
"Bra, Tupac's the sh*t. He's mos def "The "Best Rapper of All Time"./
"Aw, hell naw! He's mediocre at best. His lyrics are sub par. And don't you dare give me that 'he had emotion' buuuullsh*t! He ain't even in the top 10!"/
"Whatever hater, who do you think is the GOAT then?"/
"Rakim, Kool G Rap,'s too hard to choose."/
by NotoriousMasta December 31, 2009
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