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When you're having the best time of your life and it's so much fun that you don't give a fuck about anything else in the world at that moment.

The yolo zone is basically when you're doing something and it's so awesome that you're like, "Fuck, is my life ever going to be better than it is now?" You then reach the conclusion, "No."

German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche defined the yolo zone himself as, "When you're at the Young Hustle Show and it's just so funny; ubermensch type funny. To the point where you're like, "Fuck, this show is so funny I wish Hitler would've seen it, he never would've failed at painting, he probs would've tried his hand at standup. But then, he would've realized that he wasn't going to get booked on The Young Hustle Show because his standup doesn't have enough jokes, just a total open mic'r that doesn't understand it's a comedy show. Fuck, this show is so good that it would've changed nothing in the annals of history."
I'm at The Young Hustle Show. aka, in the motherfucking yolo zone.

Where are you going Thursday? To The Young Hustle Show, excuse me, I'm chilling out in the yolo zone.
by billbeteet December 05, 2016
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