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When the current "Canadians", the warrior matriach society and it's ruling misogynistic, wife-killing emperor took over what is widely known of as "Canada", the kind and gentle, oddly-accented "real" canadians were trapped in cages in what is falsely known of as NewFoundland,by the evil walrii (allegedly). The Current inhabitants who are reknowned as being with out judicial law, and live by a very direct and brutally literal interpretation of "surival of the fittest" as well as with the implementation of mandatory drinking laws, will imitate a relatively peaceful, reasonabley patriarchal (see equality of the sexes), democratic society, lead by their "prime minister" who is rumoured to really be a robot placed there by the evil walrii in order to distract the rest of the world from the "fake" canadians, and therefore essentially their own activities (which are largly unknown of by the "fake canadians", and the rest of the world). The imitation starts whenever a "foreigner" enters the country that is not otherwise garaunteed to keep utterly quite, and cannot be forced to be married to a female "fake" canadian, towns and cities are alerted to a foreingers nearness by a complicated alert system, even though the routine "tagging" of arriving foreingers at borders makes available many modes of tracking them that are easier, and more efficient. The governemnt is very deep and many layered, and many parts of it are actually entirely unaware of the other parts, government having little to do with, or awareness of the general populace, and vice versa(see fake canadian culture). The "fake" canadians are actually entirely unaware of the "real" canadians, or where the idea to imitate a democracy and install a fake prime minister came from, as they are more intent on battling to the death over property, aquiring wealth through the appropriating of entire families by a marriage and duel combination, and drinking levels of whiskey considered lethal for any human being (for more on "fake" canadian culture see fake canadian culture). The "Real" Canadians (RCP) have been in cages it is believed since some time in 1867, and the evil walrii have managed to keep them entirely hidden. Some disguised walrii soldiers having opened a zoo, and forced the "real" canadians to wear animal costumes, coupled with the vaporised hallucinogens they spray at people as the enter the zoo, this has been sucessful at passing the poor gentle "real" canadians off as zoo creatures, and making money.
There is some debate as to whether or not it is in fact the current "fake" canadian inhabitants who are technically the "real" canadians, due to the estimated time of their take over. As "Canada" only truly became it's own country in that same year and it is unknown exactly when in 1867 that the "fake canadians" arrived.
by Another James February 22, 2008
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