It's a game supposed to be played by four bros (or more). The bros get in a circle around a slice of bread and then proceed to jack off (no eye contact) and nut on the bread, the last one to finish the job has to eat the bread with the jizz all over it
Lookin' for some bros to make some bros' stuff ya kno play football, drink, play the bread game, fuck chicks, this kinda stuff.
by J.O. Crystal November 19, 2017
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A fun game you play with group of friends the rule is last one to cum on a bread gets to eat it.
Man dude I was playing the bread game last night with a few of my friends and I lost! like dude!
by skinlingiking June 21, 2006
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The Bread Game consists in a group of four or more men gathering around a bread in the floor while they all masturbate at the same time. The last men to ejaculate has to eat the bread full of cum as the others watch him eating.
Aw man, i can't believe i lost in the Bread Game, i had to eat that bread full of cum, it was horrible.
by VoidOnCrack September 9, 2021
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