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To earn YOUR Wing, YOU must experience the following:

Black - Sex with a black female
Blue - Eating out a dead lady
Brown - Anal sex with a female
Buffalo – Sex with a fat chick.
Gold - Receive a Golden shower from a female
Green - Eating out a lady who has an STD
Grey - Skull fucking a chick
Knife - Sex with your friends girlfriend
Pink - Sex with a white girl
Purple - Sex with a pregnant chick
Orange - Sex with a disabled
Rainbow – Sex with a dude
Red - Eat out a girl who is on her period
Silver - Sex with an old ass lady
White - Sex with a virgin lady
Yellow - Sex with a female of Asian decent
Mandingo: "Bro, why are you so out of it today, and the fuck is with that grin."
Silky: "Duuude, Last night with this one girl, I earned my White, Pink, Red, Brown, Gold, Grey, and Knife Wings."
Mandingo: "Sweeeet, but whats the Knife wing?"
Silky: "I fucked your Sloot girlfriend... DUECES!! AND SALUTE TO **The Wings System**!!!"
(Runs away)
by Silky Johnson ;D June 08, 2012
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There are those out there that wish to be the very best that they can, and like the Pokémon trainers that go for their gym badges there are some among us trying earn their Wings. An ancient tradition that has been practiced for decades. The following acts are known as the Wings of the Wing's system:

White wings- Sex with a Virgin.
Pink wings-Sex with someone 5 or more years younger than you.

Black Wings- Sex with a Widow.
Silver Wings- sex with someone old enough to be your mother.
Golden Wings- Experiencing your first Golden Shower.
Gray Wings- Sex with someone old enough to be your grandmother.
Orange Wings- Sex with a disabled girl.
Rainbow Wings- Experiencing your first threesome/orgy preferably with 2 or more ethnicities.
Yellow Wings- Sex with a squirter.
Purple Wings- Sex with a pregnant woman.
Crimson wings- Eating a girl out whilst she is having a miscarriage/abortion.
Blue wings - Sex with a dead woman.
Green wings- Eating out a girl with an STD.
Brown wings- Eating out a girl whilst she is going #2.
God wings- Earning all of your wings for the first time during the same Rainbow Wings session.
Mark: "Hey Thomas how'd it go with you and Abby last night?"
Thomas: "Not good man, she was on her period and im not ready to earn my Red wings yet, maybe next time"
Mark: " Yea I get that, I'm still trying to earn all of my novice wings before I can tackle all the wings of The Wing's System."
by Dragons0m3n November 12, 2017
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