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When you take a quotable book and make a movie adaption and then white girls in their flocks watch it and quote it till it is exhausted (other activites include writing the quote on various surfaces and places and uploading it to instagram, making galaxy gifs with the quotes, getting cliched tattoos, etc).

The term is dubbed so due to the effect on teenage girls everywhere after the Perks Of Being A Wallflower was adapted into a film 13 years after the release of the book.

'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green is likely to go through this effect
Example 1:

Kelly: I just got my new tattoo!
Scott: Oh cool, what of?
Kelly: Oh it's one of those sideways 8's and it says 'In That Moment, I swear we were Infinite'
Scott: wtf dumb hoe

Example 2:
(This hasn't happened but it will, I'm sure)
Jenny: Oh I didn't know you smoked you should probably do that outside though
Hannah: I don't smoke. It's a metaphor, I put the killing thing in my mouth but I don't give it the power to kill me <3
Jenny: ???????? *confused because wtf and how did she just do an internet heart in real life*
Hannah: It's a metaphor~~ <3 Augustus Waters <3

These are both examples of The Wallflower Effect
by omgitskebab May 11, 2013
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