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The Walking Dead: The Game is a post apocalyptic video game, released in 2012, and developed by TellTale games, about a 37 year old history teacher, convicted of murdering a state senator (Lee) finding an orphaned girl (Clementine, age 8) two days after a zombie apocalypse breaks out.

Over the next few days, they meet a Floridian redneck man named Kenny, his Belgian wife, Katjaa, and their dim witted son, Duck, who is older than Clem by two years. The group travels to Macon, Georgia and meets a group of survivors in Lee's parents' old drugstore, Lilly, a young woman in the military, Larry, Lilly's father, Carley, a reporter with a gun, Doug, an IT technician, and the TV/Comic series favorite, Glenn.

Over the next few months, and Doug/Carley (depending on your choices, but I usually save Carley)'s death, they meet a survivor named Mark, a cannibal family (who, spoiler alert, kill Mark and eat his legs), a high school teacher, David, and his two students, Ben and Travis, a hobo named Chuck who owns a freight train, a young couple, Omid, a Persian man who loves Civil War stuff, and his hot headed girlfriend, Christa, who also happens to be pregnant.

(Omid, Christa, and Clementine are the only ones, besides Kenny expected to make an appearance. Clem will be the playable protagonist for S2.)
by TeamChristaAndOmid November 03, 2013
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